5 Common Training Mistakes

All of us are new to a particular thing and often commit mistakes. But it is more important to learn from those mistakes and try to implement it in future training regimes. GYM WORKOUT APP in its latest article tries to jot down the 5 common training mistakes that one commits in gym so as to improve the mistakes and get instant results.

1. Not tracking the progression made
Tracking the progress which one makes is very important because it allows oneself to see how their physique is changing per week and how their body power is performing and if its increasing.

2. A limited training method
Another big mistake gym freaks commit is to practice with a limited training method. When a guy first starts lifting, they are pushing the weights and training for the feeling and the pump and this later becomes habit as they perform the same heavy compound exercises day after day. Bench press. Squats. Deadlifts. Etc. Thus new methods and exercises should be tried. Performing slower and more controlled reps and even increasing the total number of sets while decreasing their rest time between sets. Focus primarily on the form and proper execution of an exercise rather than the amount of weight you are pushing and the results will show.

3. Not using the equipment correctly
Another big mistake new gym goers make is not using the equipment correctly. People generally use equipments for only what they are actually meant for and not experiment it for other exercises.

Find new ways to train and new ways to use the equipment. Don’t be scared to try new methods. A good way to try now methods is to look at workouts online from responsible sources.

4. Misunderstanding of rep range
One mistake that every newbie does is the misunderstanding of rep range. Everyone has definitely heard the saying that to gain mass one should perform reps between 6-8 and to become more toned/cut one should perform reps in the 12+ range. This is a very common mistake that one makes. In fact, studies have been proven to show that when our bodies perform reps at a range above 20+ per set then the amount of muscle protein synthesis that occurs is much higher compared to when we train at a lower rep level.

Muscles generally build due to 2 primary factors:

Proper nutrition to feed muscle growth and repair damaged muscle fibres.  

Time under tension (TUT) or the amount of time a muscle spends fighting a stimulus.

Higher reps will provide a much higher time under tension to allow for greater blood flow to expand the muscle cells and allow for greater growth compared to training at a low rep range.

5. Not getting enough rest
Another mistake many people make is not getting enough rest. It’s important to understand that when a person lift weights, they are damaging muscle tissue and that the damaged tissue can only repair itself in a resting state. One does not need to go and lift weights 6-7 days a week. In fact, they’ll see greater results lifting 4-5 days a week with proper rest time for recovery. If one just keeps training a muscle group that has not fully recovered then it will become extremely sore and increase the chance of injuring yourself. The muscles will also not be able to grow to their potential.  Hence, recovery is essential for muscle growth.




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