Calorie Counting and the Basics behind it

One of the simplest truths behind losing fat is that the number of calories one burns should be higher than the calories that they consume. But, over the years this simple fact has altered itself into a mathematical equation that has given upsurge to great many different diets, apps that count how many calories one consumes and how many one burns. The truth of the matter is that some folks have become so infatuated with the calorie-spotting game that they can recite the calorie content of almost any food by heart. Still, when it comes to application, this simple equation often appears as defective and unfinished. It is like as if it is missing a major component that makes the difference between a perfect dieting and losing the fat for good.

Less calories equates to less fat. The logic behind this belief is so simple and graceful that it’s difficult to not to agree to it.  If one constantly burns more calories than they consume, they are definitely bound to lose weight eventually. This principle has been demonstrated true by various studies and individual experiences. Although consuming less calories compared to what one burns might be crucial to losing weight, but one can precisely target fat loss by basing their diet on protein.

The effects of protein versus carbohydrate on the weight loss has also been examined in a research which comprised 31 overweight postmenopausal women on a low caloric diet. Each of them were consuming 1,400 calories, with 65% of the calories coming from carbohydrates, 30% from fats and 15% from proteins. They were also segregated into two groups. The first groups were receiving 25 grams of carbohydrate supplement twice a day, while the second group received 25 grams of protein supplement. The result documented that the latter group marked a 3.9 percent higher weight loss than the former, and they also retained much more of the lean muscles at the expense of fats.

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