How much Water is needed in a Day?

Water is a very important institute of our body. Up to 78% of our body is made up of water. Also, water is very vital to every single function in our body including our metabolism. Even If we are a little dehydrated, one tends to need water to feel freshed.

The recommendation for the average person is to get seven or eight glasses of water per day, which is about two litres. Though, most people don’t actually drink that much water but they get their water through other indirect sources, such as foods and other beverages they drink. For example, many fruits are encompassed mostly of water.

Here are some of the factors that impacts how much water one needs to drink per day:

Exercise and other activities. If one is giving all in their weight lifting sessions or in their cardio workouts, then they will need to replenish their lost liquid.

Temperature. If it’s hot weather, one is going to sweat more, which means one will lose liquid. Then one needs to drink more water whenever this happens.

The foods you eat. Eating watery foods means one is already getting some liquids in their diet.

Illness. Finally, if one is ill then they definitely need to drink more water. This is chiefly true if one is vomiting or is having diarrhoea, both of which can quickly dehydrate us.




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