Top 5 Back Exercises for a V-Tapered Back

Back Muscles are the most overlooked muscle group by humans. One prefers to work more his arms or chest which can be shown easily than the back. Since, it’s a difficult muscle to target, hence people generally try to avoid this exercise. However, back trainings are essential for one to have a balanced and full body workout. However, everyone dreams of having a V-Shaped Back which is totally exquisite to one’s eyes. We at GYM WORKOUT APP, come up with exercises that helps one attain V-Shaped Back.

1. Dead Lift –

An exercise, which  when executed correctly, builds a strong core in the lower back region and also adds power to one’s body.

2. Machine or Dumbbell Rows –

The most popular back exercises, it can be done in many ways. It can be performed either with dumbbell or with a cable machine. One should rotate both the variations periodically as it will enhance the performance and work out the muscles more.

3. Lat Pull Downs –

You can vary the placement of your hands on the bar to target different areas of your back. There’s a wide spread belief that pulling the bar down behind your head places more emphasis on the back rather than the arms. I do not believe this is true and have personally felt no difference whether pulling the bar down behind or in front of my head.

4. Chin Ups –

Chin ups is basically an indistinguishable development from lat pull downs, aside from you’re utilizing your own body weight. Make sure to execute the development with your palms confronting far from you. Doing it the other way consolidates a greater amount of the biceps, which isn’t what you need in case you’re focusing on the back.


Place two dumbells on the floor bear width separated. Now get in a push up position with your hands on the dumbells. While keeping up the position, lift the dumbell to your chest, exchanging between hands. Amid the development, your body will be enticed to move one leg noticeable all around for energy. Have a go at keeping the two feet immovably planted on the floor.

Most back exercises also works the biceps indirectly. In fact, a lot of times you may feel your biceps doing much more of the work than your back. Feeling the muscle pump in your arms but not in your back means you’re not properly hitting the back muscles. I find it helpful to visualize my back muscles contracting and doing the pulling. This shifts a lot more of the work from the arms to the back.


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