15 Health Benefits of BANANA


Bananas are the most trustworthy friend to a bodybuilder. Apart from the bodybuilders, bananas also are a friend too sportsperson for instant energy and are one of the basic diet of poor people. There are various uses of Banana to oneself. Let us know about that

  1. Bananas help to overcome depression.
  2. Provides instant energy.
  3. Maintains Blood Pressure.
  4. Protect against muscle cramps.
  5. Offsets calcium loss during urination.
  6. Builds strong bones.
  7. Strengthens blood and relieve anemia.
  8. Protects against heart attack and stroke.
  9. Bananas help digestion.
  10. They stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel and also produce digestive enzymes to assist in absorbing nutrients.
  11. Has high fibre content.
  12. Help restore lost electrolytes after diarrhoea.
  13. Eating bananas helps avert kidney cancer.
  14. They are rich in antioxidants.
  15. Eating a banana can lower the body temperature.




Image Source: All Images are taken from Google Images.

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