2 Most Important Reasons Why You Aren’t Gaining Muscles Fast?

Has it ever occurred to you that you are training really hard in gym but still are not able to bulk up fast. Though you may have tried different workouts and different diet regimes, but still are unable to crack the plateau. Do you know, why is it so? Read on GYM WORKOUT APP’s latest blog to get a more clear idea on why you aren’t gaining muscles fast.


If one has taken their worked out body part to a state of extreme fatigue or failure in your workout, which one should definitely do if they want humongous gains and build, then rest and recovery is the following phase of the building process as rest is what leads to muscles growing. One needs to give their worked out body part a minimum of 72 hours to repair and recover in order to handle the next intense session one puts on them. If you don’t give the muscle enough rest, it would wear and tear and would not be able to be enormous.


One definitely needs to feed the muscle with adequate nutrition, if one wants to develop huge muscles. Though lifting weights and working out is tough, but it is comparatively easier than providing the body with adequate nutrition which in turn leads to development of muscles.

When one feeds the muscle to create muscle growth, one is simply giving muscles what it needs and when it needs it for maximum result.

So how can one feed the muscles in a proper way? We should give our body and muscles the energy it requires for the workout from carbs. Also replenish your body and muscles with the food it needs to grow after the workout which should come mainly from quality lean protein and healthy good fats. Half an hour before workout consume your protein contained diet for maximum gains and half an hour after workout, have a diet rich of proteins and good carbs to supplement your build.

One integral thing is to keep in mind that one will need to take in surplus of calories to help contribute to muscle growth. However these should be rich proteins and not bad fats or bad carbs, as if these all our consumed then one wouldn’t gain more.




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