3 Mass Building Back Exercises

Most of the muscles located in the upper and lower back are actually part of our ‘CORE MUSCLE GROUP’. The core muscle group is unsurprisingly the most vital muscle group for strength training and that is why they are called the “core” muscle group. Strong back muscles naturally makes us stronger and also stabilizes our core.

Here are 3 muscle building back muscles that GYM WORKOUT APP recommends its fan base for back workout routine which will have maximum results:

1. Dead Lift 

This programme targets our lats, erector spinae, gluts and traps. Fascinatingly, this exercise essentially works nearly 70% of all the muscles in our body at one time. This is a fairly intense exercise and is also sometimes referred to as the mother of all exercises.

2. Pull-Ups 

These are the most practiced back exercise ever. There are 2 types of pull-ups: long grip and short grip. While doing this exercise one can either place their hands shoulder length apart (long grip) or right alongside each other (short grip). A mix of both the types are essential for a great back workout. Pull-ups also work our shoulder and triceps muscles other than our back.

3. Bent Over Rows 

With this exercise one grasps the bar and flexes their torso forward with both arms extended. The bar is then pulled up to their lower chest and back down again.

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