3 Things you Should Refrain from that is Keeping You From Gaining Muscle

There are not much of articles that talks about why we are not gaining muscles. Hence, we GYM WORKOUT APP, as usual wanted to talk about some of the things that one might be doing that would be inhibiting our muscle growth.

The first thing that I see people doing all the time that’s really constraining their muscle growth is having an insufficient amount of protein. One not only has to eat a lot of food to gain maximum muscles, but one also has to make sure that one eats a lot of protein.

The second thing that I see people doing all the time is doing cardio while they’re trying to get big. What people don’t realise is that one will not cut fat while they’re gaining muscles. Doing cardio, especially intense cardio, actually inhibits muscle growth, because during intense cardiovascular activity, one’s body tends to actually burn away that muscle.

The last thing that I see people doing a lot and what is actually wrong is doing insufficient repetitions. If you really want to gain muscle, then don’t really care about strength so much, all one needs to do is to working out with the 10 rep range or even higher.




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