3 Tips to get shredded without doing Cardio

I have often come across people who just hate doing cardio. They are people who are ready to give in extra shift in their already well-timed lifting schedule, but when it comes to cardio they just tend to lose all the enthusiasm that they have for lifting. But then, just like others they also tend to like being shredded.

Thus, we having kept those people in mind have come up with tips that may help you getting shred without doing cardio. Read on to find out more:

Focus on Calorie Deficit and Dieting:

Start eating clean foods. Start having lean meats, fruits and veggies and throw away all the unhealthy fast carbs. However, this isn’t just enough. Throwing away the junk food is only partially effective. The way to real changes is when you put yourself on a caloric deficit.

This simply means that one takes in fewer calories per day than they actually burn. Thus, the body will pay for this alteration by starting to burn the stored fat. Just calculate what your daily caloric requirements are and then eat about 500 calories less.

Drink More Water:

The most elusive thing to get shredded without doing Cardio is drinking more water. The majority of people tend to overlook that they should be drinking more water when they are trying to cut or shred. Since, we all know that 70% of our body constitutes of water, it viewpoints to purpose that we should drink more water throughout the day to keep it that way. If you don’t drink more water, you start getting really hungry and this is when your body starts searching for any moisture it can find and absorb its water, which can seriously set back your diet and even completely destroy it.

Use High Reps:

The optimal way to achieve shredded body is by developing as many muscle fibers as possible, which one can do by using high reps over a lot of sets with less weights. High reps can be gruelling both mentally and for your muscles. In order to reach the end of each set, your body will start enlisting more muscle fibers. This leads to fully working and exhausting the entire bulk of the muscle rather than its strongest points and can really help one to get the desired shredded look.


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