4 Cheap Muscle Building Food for Fast Action

The hidden truth that nobody will tell is that while going to gym and lifting weight is easy, the hardest part is maintaining the diet and that too if you belong from a middle class family wherein you have limited source of money that you have to invest on other aspects of your life too and simultaneously have to invest in food for supplementing your muscles so that it grows. Thus, often it can be seen that the rich though yet started a month back have more gains than someone who is working out for more than a year, this is because the person who is working out for more than a year is not getting adequate proteinous food along with good carbs and good fats at the ratio of 5:3:2 or 4:4:2, which the rich guy is able to maintain. Thus, for those people; we GYM WORKOUT APP have come up with 4 cheap Muscle building Foods that will give you fast action guaranteed.

Whole Eggs

The cheapest yet one of the best food to develop muscles, eggs are the best buy. They are loaded with BCAA’s, nutritious fats, proteins, and vitamins. One can easily boil them which is advisable, or cook them and even have them. One large egg has around six grams of protein, and a dozen costs around ₹60 in almost all major cities of India.

Chicken Breast

Chicken is unavoidable if you are really serious into growing muscles. I have seen lots of serious lifters who were veg before they started training and now are hardcore non-vegetarians just to gain muscles. Chicken breast is the best source of protein one can want for. An approx. of 85 grams serving of cooked chicken breast yields 30 grams of protein while it generates just 114 calories. One can pick up half kilos of chicken for as minimum as ₹120 across India.


Milk is pretty cheap, very high in protein, and full of calcium. A litre of milk will only cost around ₹40, making it very much affordable. Have milk of different fat percentages depending on whether you are cutting or bulking.


Oats are a great economical breakfast cereal, and it isn’t filled with sugar which makes it extra special fitness wise. Chiefly carbs, oats are a great source of fiber and also proteins, and can get a lot for the money one forks out. One can get a pack of around 500 grams for just ₹120. 100 grams of oats yields 17 grams of protein making it one of the best source for proteins.




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