4 Tips to recover your Muscle Fast

Often a lot of people have asked me what should they do so that they can grow their muscles fast. They are ready to give in more in training or are even ready to have more proteins and are also ready to spend more for supplements. But, what they don’t understand that until, a body has proper rest, it cannot recover from the stress gone through in the workout and hence the body won’t grow in size.

Getting plenty of rest is very important in muscle building along with having a proper diet and a good workout routine. Muscles grow when they are given the chance to recover from the stress they were subjected to during a workout.

One is actually inflicting injury to their muscles when they are working out. In other words, one’s muscles get damaged when they workout. And this damage will get repaired only when one is taking a rest or is in sleep.

What basically happens is that the repair process causes our muscles to aggravate or exacerbate up and it is this aggravation that contributes to muscle development and strength. Thus, if one doesn’t get enough rest, then our muscles will not have enough time to recover, and they will not be able to grow.

Hence, getting enough rest, which is 8-10 hours of sleep is extremely vital when one is trying to build muscle.

1. Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night

If one has to grow muscles, then he needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily. Only then can his muscle get recovered and maximum growth can happen. To find out more about why we need rest, also read Why rest days are vital?

2. Avoid intense physical activities close to your bed time

Undertaking any activity that increases our heart rate close to when we are going to bed is not a decent idea if one needs to sleep fast. Thus, it is advised to avoid physical activities while going to sleep.

3. Have a consistent sleep schedule

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Always maintain the same time every day when going to sleep and while waking up. Having a consistent sleep schedule will improve the excellence of one’s sleep.

4. Do not weight train the same muscle group on consecutive days

A muscle needs time to recover and it is advisable to work out the same muscle group 72 hours after you have worked it out before. This leads to the muscle recovering and hence developing. If one trains the same muscle group daily then the growth won’t take place and also the muscle would tend to start shrinking its size.




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