5 Best Carbohydrate that will help you in Muscle Building

Widely it is considered that proteins are the only micro-nutrients that help in building muscles. Although, it is roughly true but it is not fully true. The body needs all including proteins, carbohydrates and fats at the ratio of 5:3:2 or 4:4:2, wherein 5 refers to proteins, 3 to good carbs and 2 to good fats.

Carbohydrates are the ones that provides our body with all the energy that’s required to carry out the process of muscle building by itself along with performing the tough tests one goes through in the gym. Also read about the health benefits of banana.

Well, let us see the carbs that are useful in building up muscles.


Oats are high in fibre and low in sugar, and will produce a steady energy release that will last for hours.


Brown rice is a good source of fibre and will not spike insulin levels thus helping in maintaining better overall results.


The most important muscle building carbohydrate that one should definitely consider adding to their muscle building diet plan is dry fruits. The only major problem of having dry fruits is that it is calorie dense.


Sweet potatoes are highly rich in simple starches and complex carbohydrates, and high in fibre, beta-carotene, and vitamins. One medium sized cooked sweet potato comes in not more than 100 calories and boasts about 27g of total carbohydrates including the four of which, comes from fibre. Its carotenoids aid in cell repair, the starchy carbs support restocking energy, and fibre keeps one full.


Chickpeas are an excellent carb rich food especially if one is trying to stay lean. Further, it can lower bad cholesterol and stabilize hunger.




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