5 Best Shoulder Exercises for Best Results

We often want big round boulder shoulders and even if we do enough training, still we often not meet up our goals. This is maybe because we are not doing the proper exercises that are actually needed to develop our shoulders and get the desired results we want. Hence, in GYM WORKOUT APP’s latest article we talk about the best exercises for shoulders to get a broad and wide shoulders.

1. Seated Barbell Shoulder Press

The barbell shoulder press is an extremely effective upper body exercise which increases strength and size in the shoulder area, and if performed in the seated position then isolates the shoulders even better by limiting the involvement of other muscles. For proper deltoid development, this exercise is an absolute must as it’s challenging, intense and has an insane legacy to other lifts. Being a multi-joint exercise, the barbell shoulder press allows to go heavy and overwork our muscles without risking injury, which lets us build more muscle in the long term. It also activates all three heads of the delts. This exercise also has a superior ability to help one have on maximum mass and strength in the entire shoulder area.

2. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The dumbbell lateral raise is powerful at carving great shoulders and helps make our shoulders appear wider. Lateral raise is a vital movement for building extensive, enormous shoulders that enables one to place a great amount of tension on the middle delts.

3. Smith Machine Upright Rows

When performing Upright Rows on a Smith machine one won’t be able to use the same amount of weight as with the regular upright rows, but that’s perfectly fine as it will ensure adequate overloading of the targeted muscles. Additionally, doing the exercise on a Smith machine provides a single line of vertical motion and continuous pressure on the shoulders, which results in shoulder gains even further.

4. Cable Front Raise

The cable front raise is an effective shoulder movement which lets one to isolate the anterior deltoid head while demanding negligible dynamic aid from other muscles. Since, both dumbbells and cables offer the same advantage of working the shoulders in a one-sided way that safeguards equal resistance and reverses any muscle imbalances, the usage of cables for the front raise brings constant resistance throughout the movement. In addition to working with the anterior delts, this exercise also entails the initiation of a number of calming muscles such as the trapezius, erector spinae, biceps, rotator cuff and serratus anterior.

5. Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

When performed this exercise with both arms at the same time, it will eliminate momentum and allow us to put more pressure on our rear delts, allowing us to form a further stable overall physique. This can be performed either by standing or being seated at the end of a flat bench.




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