5 Muscle Building Tips for Skinny Guys

Muscle Building is often considered to be tough for skinny boys rather than fat guys. Hence, GYM WORKOUT APP decided to have a look on the issue and come out with tips to help them to gain muscles.

1. Your diet is a must and you should keep a check on it

While there are foods that help to build muscles, there are also foods that prevent from doing so. Thus, one should keep a check on their diet and have the food that are good, healthy and clean and help to build muscles.

2. Have a proper Sleep

One’s muscles grows when they take rest and sleep. Having 8-10 hours of sleep is mandatory as that recovers your body from all the stress that one puts through in gym. Thus, sleeping has direct connection to muscle growth.

3. Focus on things that increase metabolism

Drinking water is good for health as the body constitutes mostly of water. Thus, if we give the body the desired amount of water, then definitely the body will stay healthy.

One should also consume foods that increase the metabolism rate in one’s body because they tend to make one’s health healthy. The foods that increase metabolism are green tea, soup, grapefruit, apples, pears, broccoli, yogurt, turkey meat, oatmeal, hot peppers etc.

4. Do Cardio

Doing cardio improves our hormone levels and also increases our metabolism rate thus helping in keeping us healthy and fit. Thus Cardio is a must which is often ignored by skinny people.

5. Consume more food

Muscles consume a lot of energy. This is why we should need to eat more food. If our body doesn’t get enough food and is deprived of it, then it will not grow our muscles or our muscle growth would get hampered beyond a certain limit. This limit can be escaped by supplementing our body with more protein heavy food.




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