The 5 Myths About Ab Training

There are a lot of popular disbeliefs and myths in relation to Abs building which when followed can not let the follower achieve his goal. GYM WORKOUT APP, tries to unfurl these myths and tell its fan base what is wrong and should be avoided. Further, if you want to read how to get Six-Pack Abs easily, Read 5 Killer Ab Exercises to get Six Pack Abs Instantly.


1. Doing planks won’t get Abs

Planks are generally a core strengthening exercise rather than abs getting exercise, and a common belief that planks will get one abs is totally untrue. Planks can solidify our core so that we become strong and also helps in getting ripped but getting abs is definitely not what we can get through it.

2. One shouldn’t train Abs every day.

There is a popular belief among fitness enthusiasts that abs should be trained daily to achieve the goal but the belief is totally untrue. Abs are just like any other muscles and need a 72-hour time gap to develop. Thus, one should only do it twice in a week and not each day.

3. Doing Cardio alone won’t give you abs

Doing Cardio only reduces calories which is very minimal in quantity. One needs to understand that just doing cardio won’t get oneself abs as abs are already present in our body. Actually, one needs to decrease their body fat level percentage to as low as 10% and below to get abs and to do that one has to maintain protein rich and fat less diet and simultaneously do cardio; only then can one have abs. Do you hate Cardio and yet want to get Shredded? Read 3 Tips to get shredded without doing Cardio.

4. Keeping check of Fats in your diet is not the only thing that will get you Abs

One needs to keep check on fats to get abs but it is not only fats but also bad carbs. One has to keep check on bad fats and bad carbs and simultaneously maintain 10% and below of fat level in body to have abs. Abs are already present in the body and fats just cover it and thus it is not visible. Thus, we need to have healthy food to have abs. One should maintain their diet in the ratio of 4:4:2 or 5:3:2 in protein, carbs and fat ratio. Want to burn fat quickly? Read 12 Foods that Burn Fat.

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