5 Untold Muscle Building Facts

Building Muscles is not always only about weight training. Here are the other 5 Muscle Building Facts that GYM WORKOUT APP has brought for its user base:

1. Genetics plays a pivotal role in building muscles.

If one’s parents are big and sturdy, then one will most likely have the same personalities.

2. One’s metabolism affects their size.

If one has considerable problems gaining weight, fat or muscles, then there is a huge possibility that one might have a high metabolism. Which is making the body burn calories faster than we can consume.

3. Rest is equally Important

Muscles need time to rest and repair. Taking adequate rest will give the new muscles time to be built.

4. Muscles build faster with free weights.

Free weights are heavily favoured over machines because then our body will work much harder. Using Free Weights requires focus and helps to stimulate the muscles.

5. Eating 3 meals a day won’t help in building muscles

Eating is an important section of building muscle. One should eat more often and eat more protein. It is ideal to eat about every 2.5 hours, 6 meals a day. Eating our meals throughout the day will improve the muscles and ensure that our body has what it needs to build and repair the muscles.




Image Source : All Images are taken from Google Images.

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