6 Common Workout Mistakes that one should avoid

Workout Mistakes

People often get injured while building muscles at gym due to common workout mistakes . This is surely because they have done it wrong. There are some beliefs that when practiced can often injure you and lead you out of training for a week or more.

To make sure that we avoid that, GYM WORKOUT APP has come up with a list of training mistakes that one should avoid, if one yearns for training and gaining continuously.

Here are 6 Workout Mistakes that people do in GYM

  1. Avoiding Warm Up – Doing warm-ups through some aerobic exercises, helps oneself to avoid injuries.
  2. Overlooking the breathing aspect in workout – One should definitely focus on when to inhale and when to exhale while working out to maintain proper blood pressure.
  3. Hurrying through repetitions – Always do a set easily and slowly without hurrying off through repetitions so that more emphasis is laid upon the worked out muscle.
  4. Lifting more weight than one can actually take care of – One should lift only as much as it is possible for him/her. If they exceed it, they can increase the chance of injuring themselves and also to some extent others and also do not emphasis on increasing muscle definition of the wanted muscle.
  5. Not lifting enough weight – Increase your weight once you can easily lift eight repetitions of the same. Not increasing weight would lead you to plateau which would ultimately take your focus off from body building.
  6. Lifting weights every day – Never workout the same muscle group before 72 hours, since your muscle needs more time to recover than the previous stress you had incurred upon it which ultimately leads to develop more muscle mass. Hence, one should not workout the same muscle group before 3 days ever. Keeping all these tips in mind will definitely make you avoid being an injury proned athlete which will ultimately result in you developing more muscles and simultaneously lead you close to your fitness target. Read more about Rest and Muscle gain.



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