6 Leg Exercises that will get you Monstrous Legs

Most of the people tend to skip leg days, as they are scared of the pain it results after working the legs out. But for those for whom working out their every single body part matters, for them the Leg Day holds of uttermost important. It is the legs that boosts the testosterone which can help gain overall muscle mass and also it is the legs that bring uniformity to the physique.

But often the question arises, that what exercises should one do so that he can develop strong and bulking legs. GYM WORKOUT APP in its latest post comes up with the answer.


Also, a powerlifting compound exercise, the squats, especially the barbell squats are the best exercises to grow massive legs and glutes, develop core strength and simultaneously burn a tremendous amount of calories.


The primary muscle that gets affected and gets developed by lunges, is nothing but the quadriceps. Further, lunges also helps one to develop calves, glutes and hamstrings. This is one of the most underrated leg exercise but should be definitely done and not at all avoided.


The quadriceps and the glutes are the primary muscles that are targeted by this exercise. Further, one can also emphasis more on hamstrings and adductors; if one professes this exercise in a little different position.


This is the only exercise that is specially meant for targeting hamstrings and targets all the three heads of the muscle namely semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris. Other than the hamstrings, even quad and calves are targeted through this exercise.


All the four quadricep muscles that are the rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis and vastus medialis are targeted through this exercise. This is also often neglected by people in their gym routines, but it should definitely be done.


As the name suggests, this develops the most important part of your legs that is calf. One should do it in Smith Machine as it will allow you to lift more and do it in a linear motion without doing it in a wrong way which would hamper your progress.

Make sure to do the Leg day on Saturday, as working out your legs might ache a lot and you may not be able to stand or walk properly. Be certain that within 48-72 hours, your pain will disappear but until then you will feel the pain a lot and might also curse yourself and your trainer as to why you undertook the schedule. Make sure that you never skip leg days, as it will pain very badly once you have taken a week off. But how much ever the pain it gives, it is worth it. Don’t Give Up.




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