Amazing Workouts with Dumbbells

Want to develop strengths? Working out with dumbbells is one of the best power developing exercises ever devised. They are multipurpose, and are pretty inexpensive. Athletes prefer workouts with dumbbells over other training regimes as they can emulate sports movements more perfectly.

GYM WORKOUT APP, brings the best dumbbell exercises for its fan base and believes that if followed can do real good to oneself. Also Read, Best Exercise for Each Muscle Group.

Chest Presses

A flat chest press is done to work the main part of the chest. For this, one should lie flat on a bench, and hold out the dumbbells with their arms unbent in front of their chest. Now they need to lower the dumbbells slowly and return their arms to their original position. Incline and decline chest presses are also done to work upper and lower parts of the chest.

Shoulder Presses

Muscular boulded shoulders can be attained by doing a combination of shoulder dumbbell exercises such as shoulder presses and Arnold presses. Seated shoulder presses are one of the most common forms of shoulder exercises which not only develops our shoulder muscles but also gets us the power.

Leg Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell squats and Dumbbell lunges are very effective exercises that almost build the quadriceps and calf muscles therefore giving us. One thing which is very important is to keep the back flat while performing these weighted exercises.

Triceps and Biceps Dumbbell Exercises

Tricep kickbacks, Bicep curls, Overhead presses and Hammer curls are just some examples of effective means to not only have enormous hands but to also build  muscle strength.




Image Source: All Images are taken from Google Images.

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