Best Exercise for Each Muscle Group

There are plenty of exercises for each muscle group which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Often, it comes to one exercise from each muscle group that is considered by bodybuilders the best of the lot and are favoured the most and are also irreplaceable while they change their workout.

People generally tend to have their own preferences regarding this but GYM WORKOUT APP, thought to come up with the most basic but the best exercises for the entire muscle group for its fan base so that they know about it. It is not at all suggested that you should go only for this and not your personal choice, but this is what we believe in and we can guarantee results and its benefits as we know the consequences for these exercise. Want to know the best Workout Schedule that we recommend? Read GYM WORKOUT APP’s very own Workout Schedule for a Whole Week for Better Gains.

Biceps Barbell Curl

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Triceps Triceps Extension

Want to have great Triceps to have massive arms? Read The 5 Best Muscle-Building Triceps Exercises for Massive Arms.

Chest Bench Press

Get beefy chest quickly, Read Bulk Up your Chest faster with these 5 insane workouts.

Shoulders Military Press

Want the best Shoulder schedule for maximum results? Read 5 Best Shoulder Exercises for Best Results.

Upper Back – Lat Pulldowns

Lower back Deadlifts

Quadriceps Squats

Calves Calf Raises

Get the complete leg workout schedule, Read 6 Leg Exercises that will get you Monstrous Legs.

Abs Crunches

Want to know the full Ab Schedule that you should follow? Read, 5 Killer Ab Exercises to get Six Pack Abs Instantly.

Forearms Barbell Wrist Curl

GYM WORKOUT APP would like to suggest you that no matter what kind of routine or training you are following you should always include these exercises in your schedule. The above mentioned exercises will definitely promote optimal growth for every given muscle group. Also, most of them are compound exercises, which will involve much more muscle groups than the above mentioned ones.

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