The Best Home-based Shoulder Workouts

Looking for best shoulder workouts, We know Shoulders are a tough muscle group to target. Shoulders play as muscle stabilizers for all upper body bodyweight movements. But, some movements work the shoulders better than others. Below, GYM WORKOUT APP brings up some of the top shoulder exercises that one can do with just their bodyweight:

Shoulder Workouts

Hindu Pushups / Dive Bombers

Hindu Pushups or Dive Bombers are actually a great exercise, especially if one wants to isolate their shoulders. They also work great because they hit the chest from three different angles all at once: upper chest, middle chest, and lower chest.

Decline Pushups

Decline pushups are a tougher variation of the pushups where one places their feet on a surface and their hands on the floor to perform the pushup. The higher the surface, the more stress one places on their shoulders.

Shoulder Press Pushups

Shoulder press pushups, also known as elevated pike pushups, are a cross between decline and handstand pushups. Place the feet on a bench or a sturdy surface and keep them straight. Rather than keeping diagonal position of the body as in the decline pushup, one needs to keep their upper body perpendicular to the floor.

This way one can place maximum stress on their shoulders. Keeping legs straight, drop the body towards the floor, and push up.


Dips are one of the greatest and best chest and triceps building exercises as they are also tough on the shoulders. To target one’s shoulders, one should lean forward  and do short reps.

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