Bulk up your chest faster with these 5 insane workouts

Other than the arms, the chest is undoubtedly something people want to show off, and it is a chest which also adds sexiness to one’s physique. A great looking chest requires focused strength training and if you include these 5 insane workouts at your workout schedule, one can definitely guarantee you a great looking chest.


Since it works the entire chest muscle, the bench press is one of the oldest and most effective chest exercises one can find. One can perform it whilst lying flat on their back with their hands shoulder length apart. The barbell is lowered down to the chest in a precise movement and then lunged upwards until the arms almost get locked. This movement is repeated several times with reps ranging from 8-20 in 3 sets.


The inclined press is an amazing exercise for working out the upper half of the chest or pectoral muscle. It is performed the same way as a bench press. The only difference between the two is that instead of lying flat, one will lie at an inclined position. Because of the angle which should be close to 45°-60°, inclined presses will pose more of a physical challenge, so try to start with a lighter weight until you’re sure of the weight you can handle properly.


Just like the barbell bench press, dumbbell presses are performed whilst lying flat on your back in a bench with your feet comfortably on the floor. The dumbbell is held straight. Now lower the dumbbell down and again press up. Try to increase the weight for each set and reduce the number of repetitions to give the muscle a thoroughgoing workout. One can also perform dumbbell presses at an incline or decline positions for the need of variations.


Dips are a powerful chest muscle exercise performed with the help of a “dip bar” on which you raise and lower your body weight. This is a very difficult exercise which requires core strength too. If done consistently as part of an overall workout routine, dips can help to really tone and strengthen the chest muscles.


Push-ups are a great chest muscle exercise because they can be done at any time and anywhere and at any place without equipments. Push-ups help to tone and strengthen the chest muscle and can be done with several different variations, including close grip, wide grip and weighted pushups.




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