Why You Can’t Build Muscle Mass?

If you are putting in all the efforts in the gym and giving your all but still are not getting the desired muscle growth and results, then it is definitely one of these mistakes mentioned below that you are not paying proper heed to. Try to rectify these mistakes and you will see results within months. Also Read, The 7 tips to Gain Mass.

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Mistake 1 – Have no clue how many calories you are consuming per day

One needs to maintain their calorie count if one needs to gain muscles. It is often seen that a person consumes less calories than what is ideal for him for muscle mass or just overdoes it and gains fat. Thus, keeping a check on calorie count is a must if one needs a proper chiselled body.

Mistake 2 – Have no idea how much protein to be consumed on a daily basis

Try to have a count on protein intake as protein is one of the building blocks of the body and consuming it abundantly will make you gain more muscles quiet easily. Aim to consume around 3-4g of protein per Kg of weight. One can easily meet their daily requirements by consuming supplements like amino acids, whey protein and casein. Know the Protein Requirement to Increase Muscle Mass.

Mistake 3 Overdoing Cardio

If one is thin then one should just do around 2-3 hours of cardio in a week for about 3-4 times a week. Cardio exercises are simply awesome for overall health and losing weight. But, they have their own role in every training routine. Thus for a person who wants to build muscle mass,too much cardio  can only hamper the process of gaining mass and building muscles.

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