Why Creatine is the best supplement?

Creatine is the best supplement as it helps in performance boosting, improving body composition and increasing strength levels and endurance in athletes and bodybuilders. Further, Scientific research has proven that creatine supplementation helps one build muscle and strength, increase bone mineral density, reduce oxidative stress and even improve brain performance. Also, find out Whether One really needs Supplement or Not?

Creatine improves nutrition partitioning

Nutrient partitioning is the process in which the body decides what it will do with the energy gained from the food we consumed. When we eat something, the nutrients either get transformed into energy and gets burned in the process, or gets stored for future use through body fat. Thus, creatine tends to helps in carbohydrate absorption and positively influences the process of nutrient partitioning, by helping in delivering the carbs we consume into the muscles where they will be used for fuel and tissue recovery, instead of storing as fat which bodybuilder hate.

This is because creatine stimulates certain biological reactions on the cellular level, which acts as gate keepers to the carbs and amino acids in the blood. By improving the sensitivity, creatine aids one to drive more muscle building nutrients into muscle cells which can thereby accelerate muscle growth even further. Thus, one can easily conclude by saying that creatine is one of the best post-workout supplements that boosts our performance and physique on almost every level.

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