Does Masturbation affect Body Building?

Often I have across people in Gym and also in our blog and Facebook page, where I am asked whether Masturbation should be carried on while we are building muscles. A lot of old school gym practioners would advice you not to do so but me though being an old-school gym enthusiast would say that it definitely does not affect that you masturbate once, twice or even thrice a week while lifting, as it has no connection related to it as has been proved by various scientific research. Of course, one does lose some micro-nutrients when one masturbates, but it can be easily recovered with proper diet. But yeah, make sure to not masturbate 3-4 hours before your workout.

Relationship between Masturbation and Muscle Building

Every time ones masturbates, they tend to lose 5-15 calories, selenium, B-complex vitamins, but since it very minute amount thus one is not going to be nutrient deficient. Also, Semen is mostly made up of water which is again replaceable. Zinc is the only major micronutrient necessary for the growth and maintenance of the muscle tissue which after each orgasm is lost and needs to be recovered. So to keep testosterone level in a good and significant amount, one can take Zinc supplements and that alone will do.

Masturbation should be done 3-4 hours before workout

One can often see that right after masturbation, one feels sleepy. This is because right now there is a high arrival of oxytocin in the body, which serves to truly relax oneself and make one feel little weak and this is the only rreason why it is advised not to masturbate before workout. A 3-4 hour period subsequently permits the hormones to standardize again and helps to recoup one’s strength and energy.    




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