Does one need supplements?

A topic that is extensively argued in the health and fitness arenas is whether really do one need supplements or not. The camp which is against the use of supplements argue that a person can get all of the nutrients they need for the development of muscles by having a variety of healthy foods in the correct and proper proportions. They would suggest eating at least 6 times of fruits and vegetables along with enough dairy products, lean protein and whole grains. According to them. the supplement manufacturers are just out to make oneself fool and make their money.

The camp supporting the use of supplements, however, claim that the yield that is available today is being grown in soil that is increasingly depleted due to over-cultivation and lack of proper crop-rotation techniques and contains far less vitamins and nutrients which too are equally essential for body development than it did before the technological revolution. They further claim that one needs to eat way too much food and consume far too many calories to meet their nutrient requirements.

Further, there are people who tend to agree with supplements and further suggest to have good multi-vitamin for better result. If one is seeking vitamins, then they should seek a vitamin without iron, since the ferrous sulphate they use as an iron supplement is difficult to integrate in the body, especially when taken along with calcium and adequate also since iron can be consumed through small portions of lean red meat and green leafy vegetables it is very much advisable to avoid it in multi-vitamins.

When it comes to which types of supplements are favourable for weight lifters, there is just too many arguments. Though, some of these supplements have improved gains to some extent, I am not sure whether the benefits outweigh the costs for most of supplements which is somewhat closer to ₹5000. Other than other amino-acid supplement post workout, If one asks me then I would suggest a whey protein shake cause it will have all the amino-acids one needs for proper recovery.

If you ask me for a suggestion though I would suggest saving your hard-made money for more important things and go with natural food and diet.

Also studies have shown an increase in performance and endurance when taking a caffeine supplement (cola, coffee, green tea or energy drinks) before going out for a cardio workout or HIIT Workout that also boosts the metabolism of the body. If one is not into cardio or HIIT, then I would strongly advise not to take in caffeine.



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