Factors for Weight Loss

Often, I have been asked by people that how much fat can they expect to lose in one month if they only consume clean and healthy foods? Though their thought process is correct but they should also know certain factors which decide in weight loss. Thus, in this article, GYM WORKOUT APP tries to unearth the factors that are responsible for weight loss. Further, Read on to know the 3 Biggest Nutrition Myths.

One thing which is needed to remember is that to shed the extra pounds, one will also need to reduce the amount that one consumes and also incorporate a healthy exercise regimen. Also Read, The 5 Best Weight Loss Foods.

The basics of weight-loss

One needs to consume considerably less calories if they want to shred more. But more than that, they should consume proper foods. The food products that one should start consuming should be like lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits which have fewer calories than meats that are high in fats.

Also, one will need to count their calories and consume fewer. In order to lose 2 Kgs in one month, one would need to consume 500 to 600 fewer calories each day than they would normally consume.

Food Choices

Whenever one goes shopping for lean proteins, vegetables and fruits, try to get fresh products.


One can certainly lose up to 2 Kgs or 2.5 Kgs in one month if they are ready to implement healthy diet changes, but adding exercise can greatly fasten up the process. Those who exercise regularly for half an hour to an hour daily can burn around500 calories daily. This means additional 2 Kgs per month can be lost which is put together is around 5 Kgs a month.

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