Get in Shape Quickly through these Awesome Weighted Exercises in just 21 Days

Do you feel that you have gained too much weight and want to shred it as quickly as you can. Or you see yourself as very thin and want to add those extra kilos that will make you look good.  Well you can definitely do it and that too in just 21 days. Yes you can easily loose few kilos or add few kilos if you rigorously do these workout and can easily look in shape in just mere 3 weeks.


If one is looking to strengthen their chest, triceps and biceps and also in the process simultaneously lose excess body fat, then push-ups is their very own exercise.

Begin doing push-ups by being down in the floor with palms beneath one’s own shoulders while keeping the core straight. Then, slowly lower oneself until their chest is an inch away from the floor and return to the starting position.


 If one needs to further challenge themselves, one should definitely start doing deadlifts as it not only puts a lot of strain on back but also at legs thus helping both legs and back to develop power and build muscles.

Stand behind a grounded barbell and bend knees to grab the barbell while keeping one’s back and hips straight. To lift the bar upright push the hips up and later push your hips back to lower the bar.


This is another effective exercise that builds muscle mass and burn calories simultaneously. Also, this exercise is especially great for those who want to build lower lats and strengthen their traps.

To do this exercise, hold a barbell while making sure the knees are bent and the body is almost parallel to the floor. Keep the back straight and core tight and row the barbell closer to one’s chest, then lower the weight to the initial starting position.


Bench Presses are not only good to gain muscle in chest and triceps region but also helps in shredding few kilos.

Lie back on a flat bench and grip a barbell of a shoulder-width position. Making sure that the arms are fully extended, lower the bar up until it touches the chest. After a little pause, push back the bar to the starting point.


Many fitness enthusiasts and power lifters believe that squats are one the best exercises to grow massive legs and glutes, while simultaneously burn a tremendous amount of calories.

Positioning your feet more than shoulder-width apart, hold a barbell across your upper back though not in traps. Slowly squat down until your knees make slightly less than 90° angle and then move back up to the starting position.


Image Source: All Images are taken from Google Images.

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