10 Gym Rules that should be Followed

Gymming is not an easy chore. One has to stay disciplined and also has to follow rigorous diet schedule along with a lot of pain. But if one overcomes all this then one can be definitely great in the field. But a lot of people don’t take weight lifting seriously and hence we need to have rules for them, so that they don’t lose the track and continue winning.

1. Never Talk about you lifting. Make yourself work in silence and let your results make the noise.

2. Texting is not allowed while in Gym. Sending text messages in the Gym won’t help one build muscle.

3. Stop shouting while just starting up your workout or reps. Never scream at your first rep pr even while starting your workout if you’re about to do 10 more. Screaming takes out a lot of energy from your body and thus is not advisable.

4. Never Listen to others. Research yourself or take help only from the experts. Remember that whatever a gymbro tells you is only 10% Facts while 100% Broscience.

5. Join Gym with the Goal to be a fitness freak and not the desire to be with girls. Walk in the Gym with a Goal, a FITNESS Goal and not the desire to get Laid.

6. Always keep your weights back at their place. Rerack your weights, as nobody will do it for you. It earns you the respect of the sport or the exercise.

7. Always carry your towel along with you to Gym and make sure you use it while performing reps. Don’t leave your sweat on the bench.

8. Give your all until you get what you aim for. One doesn’t stop their set when they are tired or feeling pain, but one stops when he/she is done.

9. Never waste a single minute in your gym by talking or texting. You are coming to the gym to exercise, and talking or even texting is not an Exercise.

10. Go Hard or Go Home! Give your all until you reach your target and then do it just one time more.




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