Our GYM Workout Apps

GYM Workout App

GYM Workout App

Gym workout app has workout planner, 7 minutes workout, Stopwatch, Workout Timer, 10 Daily Abs Exercises, Water Reminder, HIIT Tabata Timer, Calorie Counter, BMI Calculator, Workout Reminder, Workout videos and is best gym trainer app.

Gym Workout app helps you to plan your gym training better with many workout plans.

  • GYM workout planner – It contains gym exercises which you can add to your daily workout schedule. Helps you to create workout plan and works as your gym coach and trainer. Plan exercises for below parts.
    – Abdominal
    – Chest
    – Biceps and Triceps
    – Shoulders
    – Legs
  • 7 minutes workout – It helps to stay healthy with below 12 exercise programs.
    – Jumping Jack
    – Wall Sit
    – Push Up
    – Abdominal Crunches
    – Step-ups onto a chair
    – Squat
    – Triceps dips on a chair
    – Planks
    – High Knees/running in place
    – Lunges
    – Push-ups and rotations
    – Side Planks
  • Workout Timer and Stopwatch – It is a user friendly application that helps you to manage and control the time of your physical exercises.
  • 10 Daily Abs Exercises – The app contains animation of below 10 abs exercises everyone can do.
    – Basic Crunches
    – Alternate Heel Touches
    – Leg-up Crunches
    – Arm Reaching Crunches
    – Flutter Kicks
    – Leg Raises
    – Plank with Leg Lift
    – V Crunches
    – Bicycle Crunches
    – Vertical Leg Crunches
  • Water Reminder – Drink more water with in built water reminder
  • Calorie Counter – Track your calories with calorie counter
  • BMI Calculator – It helps you to calculate your Body Mass Index.
  • Workout Videos – GYM Workout app has 130+ workout videos also which are very helpful for beginners.

BMI Calculator

GYM Workout App

BMI Calculator offers to calculate Body Mass index, Weight to Height ratio, Body Fat Percentage and Weight Loss Percentage.
BMI Calculator helps you to know about your BMI Score and the various other respective categories i.e, Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese, Severely Obese or Severely Obese. You can also save your BMI score and keep a track of it within our App.


Workout Buddy

GYM Workout App

Workout Buddy app helps you to find gym buddy in your GYM. It great way to find workout partner near you.

Features :-

– Find Workout buddy near you.
– Workout together with your workout buddies.
– In-Built 150+ Workout exercises with instructions.
– Chat with your workout buddies.
– See history about who did workout with you.
– Option of workout alone also.

Hope you will like the app and find your workout buddy.


FitQues – Fitness Q&A Network

GYM Workout App

Explore the world of fitness questions and answers with FitQues App. It is a great Q&A platform where you can to share and grow your fitness knowledge.

* Ask fitness question and get answers from FitQues network.
* Add Friends and ask direct fitness questions.
* Search nearby people.
* Answer fitness & workout questions and share your knowledge.

Join today & start sharing fitness knowledge.

GYM Workout Tracker

GYM Workout App

Gym Workout Tracker app is best workout tracking app to track your workout schedule with 100+ in-built workouts.

Workout Tracker app key features

Track your GYM Visits – App automatically register your gym visits and welcomes you with motivational message on GYM visit.

Workout Routine – Create your custom workout routines from 100+ in-built workouts. You can also add custom exercises and add them to your Workout Routine.

History and Charts – Logs your workout progress graphs and statistics. History of each workout routine stored locally. Also helps to log exercise notes for each day.

Sets, Repetition and Time – You can configure your workout based on number of set, repetitions and time.

Workout Tutorial – Tutorial for each workout is also present.

Motivational Messages – Get motivational messages on Gym visits and reminder if you miss GYM.

GYM Workout Tracker App helps you to maintain your workout schedule in professional way and act like your personal GYM trainer.