Know Why Rest days are Vital

Why are rest days vital for muscle growth?

Since, it is the repairing course subsequently after the muscles have been stressed by lifting heavyweights which actually create new muscle tissues, so ideally the muscles builds during the rest days when the muscle which was stressed earlier is given at least 72 hours to regenerate. It takes as mentioned earlier at least 72 hours and sometimes more than that for a muscle to fully repair and regenerate itself and build new muscle tissues. If one feels pain and soreness after their respective workouts then one should definitely wait until the pain is gone or marginalised to work that muscle again, as this will indicate that the muscle has completely recovered and ready to be further stressed and continue its development.


Working Out the same muscle before it is fully recovered is damaging as it would simply mean breaking down and continuing stressing the same muscle incessantly and if any gains would have been made while recovering, then it would turn in utter waste. This is the sole reason why some people work out consistently and even harder than the rest but do not make the same gains in size and strength as someone who works out not often enough. According to a famous saying, “Never work laboriously but instead work smartly.” Even in muscle building, the same rule applies.

With resting a muscle until it is fully recovered, one will guarantee that the workout schedule gains them the utmost possible gain in muscle tissue and make the most of their results. One workout completed properly and followed by proper and adequate nutrition and rest is worth number of workouts done incorrectly or even correctly but being deprived of proper rest.

Another significant reason that a fitness freak needs his rest is simply because, his metabolism is high. Since, working out too often or too long increases the metabolism and burns more calories, it is not good for someone who wants to bulk and build muscle mass. Reducing the period and frequency of work outs mean burning less calories and since the less calories you burn, the more mass you can gain which ultimately means more muscle mass gain in less time.

But the great Arnold says that, “One should never skip a day to train as one is already giving the dedicated muscles a 72 hour time to recover until the next workout of the same muscle; hence no point of a rest day”. So, it’s upto an individual to decide whether he/she wants to take a day off from training or not. Though we would suggest to definitely take a day off as it is scientifically backed as according to us nobody is greater than Science.




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