Learn Everything about Protein and why it is necessary for Fitness Enthusiasts

Why are protein so important?

Proteins are very important nutrients for health, muscle growth, and weight loss which is acknowledged widely by every sports-persons, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Also, one needs to have protein foods every day to process their metabolism running and maintaining blood sugars to have it stable.


Proteins are long chains of amino acids, which are highly vital molecules that one gets from their diets. Low consumption of Proteins can lead to a deficiency of amino acids in one’s body which would ultimately lead to low energy, low concentration and memory power and also lead to no muscle gains which is particularly important for fitness enthusiasts.

For fitness enthusiasts and serious-lifters, protein is the chief macro-nutrient as already mentioned earlier. The other two macro-nutrients carbohydrates and fats only complement proteins in building muscle mass. It is quite evident that one can never build muscle mass or lose weight in a healthy and proper way without consuming proteins. Thus, definitely one has to consume foods with more protein content if they want to build Lean Muscle Mass (as bulkiness comes with the help of good carbs and good fats), Lose Weight, be Healthy and Fit and also if longs of having More Energy which will ultimately lead them to having more stamina.

What are the best sources of natural protein?

  • Lean Meats (Chicken, Turkey)
  • Fish (Tuna, Salmon)
  • Egg Whites
  • Green Vegetables
  • Nuts (Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts)
  • Sprouts and Lentils
  • Low-Fat Dairy Products (Yoghurt, Cottage Cheese)
  • Beans and Rajma
  • Soya Beans


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