How Long does it take to get a Six Pack Abs?

The one question that is very common and we have been asked over and over again by avid gym goers and lovers is “How long does it take to get a six pack?” Read, The 5 Myths about Ab Training.

There is no specific answer to how long will it be to get six pack abs since there are a number of technicalities which makes it intangible for a person to know the timeframe. Further, if you want to read how to get Six-Pack Abs easily, Read 5 Killer Ab Exercises to get Six Pack Abs Instantly.

1) First and most important factor is our genetic makeup. It is commonly believed that men gain and then lose fat much easily than women. This is because women are believed to be genetically made to have more fats in their body.

There are three classifications of people according to their body size. They are:

Endomorph – They tend to be big boned and have wide hips and superior body naturally. They certainly have a hard time losing layers of body fats but they can gain muscles quite sporadically.

Ectomorph – These set of people are naturally skinny and are small boned. They tend to have high metabolism and thus have difficulty in gaining muscles.

Mesomorph – These people are blessed with more muscles than fats in their body and among the three, they are the ones who can get six packs the fastest.

2) Diet consumption is also a major factor in defining the amount of time one will need to get a six pack. One needs to maintain a healthy diet with plenty of proteins in the ratio of 5:3:2 or 4:4:2 to Carbs and Fats, if one wants to have six pack abs. Want to burn fat quickly? Read 12 Foods that Burn Fat.

3) The amount and implementation of exercises that burn calories everyday also plays a major factor. It is recommended to combine any cardio workouts of about half an hour and coupled it with proper abdominal exercises can get one achieve their goals. Do you hate Cardio and yet want to get Shredded? Read 3 Tips to get shredded without doing Cardio.

Also, if you want to know the rules for having Six Pack Abs, Read 2 Rules for having a Six-Pack Abs.




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