Relationship between Rest and Muscle Gain

People often think that if they work hard in training and have proper nutrition, then they will start gaining muscle mass and have proper body within months. But what they forget easily, is the fact that even though training and nutrition is important for building muscles, there is one more thing that is equally important for muscle growth, which is rest or sleep in common terms. Until one sleeps 8-10 hours a day, one’s body cannot recover from the stress it has gone through during the training time and thus, the muscles won’t grow even though how much ever effort has one put in the gym or how much ever supplement one is taking in.

Sleep is very important and if one is missing out on it then one might as well not ever work out.

Post workout the body needs rest, the need to sleep, so that the muscle that were torn down during the exercise gets rebuilded. One merely can’t toil till fatigue and not provide the body with adequate rest be it for gaining energy or the more sought for muscle gain. This is also one of the main reasons why it is advised to take one day rest which is usually he Sundays in a week. Read our article Why Rest Days are Important to know more about it.

One has to allow the body, the time for sufficient rest so it can rebuild and attain. You can also read 4 Tips to recover your Muscles fast, to know how to recover fast and gain maximum muscles in a short span of time. Since, one longs for muscles, and also for energy, one needs to realise that these things don’t come without rest and sleep.




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