Some Frequently Asked Questions

Often I have come across people, asking me some questions which I thought is almost a common doubt to all gym goers. Thus, I decided to write about this in my new piece.

Q1) How long until one starts seeing results?

A: It really depends on each individual, their training level and nutrition. But if one is doing everything properly then one will start watching noticeable results in as little as weeks. But to get an impressive body takes years of dedication and hard work. You need to understand that muscle doesn’t grow overnight, you have to keep being consistent.


Q2) Will doing Crunches get me six-pack abs to show?

A: Everybody has a six pack which is just buried under fat inside their body, so more than doing endless ab crunches one needss to lose the fat, so cardio and diet is the way to go. Crunches though would help in fat-loss but not upto that level which one can attain through Cardios and Diet.


Q3) How to get rid of “Love Handles”?

A: There is nothing like Spot Fat Removal so it will go in time. One has to continue doing Cardio and eat foods of less calories to lose fat. Gradually one will start losing fat.


Q4) How to get Muscle Definition?

A: People think that doing more reps will shred body fat but it is totally incorrect. One needs to lower their body fat percentage, if they need a proper Muscle Definition.


Q5) If I stop training, will I get fat?

A: Of course not. All one needs to is see to their diet and have a less number of calories.


Q6) How much protein should I consume?

A: Usually scientifically it is proved that one should consume 1 gram of protein per pound of their bodyweight.


Q7) Do I need to consume supplements in order to build muscles?

A: No, supplements can be beneficial and good for muscle building but not at all obligatory.


Q8) Can I gain muscles while I loose fat?

A: No, if one is not a beginner then he can’t do both. One can either gain muscles or start losing weights but not both except for the use of steroids.



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