The 5 Best Muscle-Building Triceps Exercises for Massive Arms

Triceps add to the beauty of arms. Further, it also helps to add the size which helps in to look more big and monstrous. Below are the list of 5 exercises which would help to get Big Arms:


Identical to a bench press however this movement more emphasizes on your triceps as you place your hands closer together just inside the near line of the bar.


This is the only true stretch position movement for the triceps. Start with a dumbbell stretched fully. Lowering the weight down without moving the upper arm keeping it vertical, feel a good stretch in the triceps and then reverse the movement.


This exercise is great for the triceps. Just lie on a flat bench with arms fully extended and lower a barbell towards your head. Once you reach you head, extend your arms back you to the starting position.


Dips are calisthenic exercise which not only focuses on triceps, but also on chest and shoulders. It is one of the very popular and common exercise practiced by fitness enthusiasts all around the world.


The best triceps exercise. Just by grabbing a rope or a bar, extent your arms straight down and then move back.




Image Source: All Images are taken from Google Images.


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