Things to Avoid While Working Your Back workout

We all often agree that working out our backs are the most difficult ones. And if one doesn’t pay appropriate heed to proper form and techniques and also some pro tips, then one can easily injure one’s back disc which can seriously hold one back and can jeopardize one’s career as a lifter.

Hence, we should keep certain things in mind, if we want to avoid injuries while working out-

1. Never start with Lower Back Exercises early in the workout

Since Lower Back muscles help in keeping one’s posture straight and thus one’s back straight, thus one should not practice it at starting of your workout. It may lead to injury or discomfort which can either make your workout ineffective or lead you to serious back injuries. The ideal time is to train your lower back last in your back schedule.

2. Never Look in the Mirror while working your Back out

We all love to check ourselves out in the mirror, it is a human nature. But while exercising our back, we need to skip checking out ourselves in the mirror or again it may lead us to serious disc injuries which can end our career as fitness enthusiasts. During these exercises, there is pressure pulling on our shoulders, lats and also into our spinal column, thus if our neck is out of position then this creates a new opportunity for injuries which we need to seriously avoid.

Hence, it is advised to keep our head aligned towards the same direction as our torso during any rowing movement which is done quiet regularly during back exercises and thus, this means that if our body is bent over at 45 degrees, then our head should also be at 45 degrees and not try to look up but straight.

3. Never Do Biceps Workout Before Back

A lot of experts do two schedules per day to have more emphasis on muscle development as well as the aesthetics part. But, if you opt to do two schedules and are doing Biceps with Back Workout which is very common in the bodybuilding world, then one should remember that they need to first workout their back and later biceps as if biceps is worked out first then one’s hand might get tired and can’t be able to go on with back exercises thus wasting your workout session completely as back exercises often require the help of biceps muscle.




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