Whey vs Casein : Which is better?

Since, protein is the most important building blocks of muscle, it is recommended that if you want bigger muscles then one should include more protein in his diet. But often one cannot just have proteins through natural diet and hence one needs to take supplements to supplement the growth of the body. To find out whether one really needs supplements, read our other blog Does One Need Supplements? But the real problem arises is with so much protein supplements available in the market, which should one go for? To know what other common types of supplements can we find out in market, read Know the Common types of Supplements Found in the Market.

According to common belief, one needs 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass. It is almost virtually impossible to get that much of protein in one’s diet without supplement.

Though protein supplements are a little costly, but it is quicker to fill in the void of natural proteins along with even being more concentrated.

There are lots of proteins available in the market, but out of them two Whey Protein and Casein Protein are very popular amongst the fitness enthusiast. Let us know which is better?

1. Whey Protein 

This is the most extensively used supplements among fitness enthusiasts simply because of its speedy absorption. When one’s body is in an anabolic state, it needs plenty of energy and by consuming whey protein before, during or after one’s workout one can get the best assistance from it. Whey is an excellent protein and is made up of about 20% of milk.

2. Casein Protein 

Casein Protein digests slowly, thus making it ideal as a “meal replacement” protein and a not so necessary of being a workout protein. While in workouts, one needs a quick release of energy and that is where whey is great but on the other hand Casein might take hours to get released into one’s blood stream which helps to give add on to the muscle while being in rest state.




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